Burke Hospital Company operates the hospital known as Burke Medical Center and Burke Hospital Company is owned by the following physicians:

Johnny Christian, MD;   Abraham Lin, MD;   Julio Schwarz, MD;  Kendall Griffith, MD;

Brian Abell, DO;   Terry Arrington, MD;   John Clapp, MD;   Paul Herzwurm, MD;   Matt Link, MD;

Randy Meredith, MD;   Doug Phillips, MD;   Joseph Rectenwald, MD;   Richard Pope, MD;

David Gallagher, MD;   Justin Bundy, MD;   Jeremy Jacobs, MD;   John Franklin, MD;

Nicholas Capito, MD;   John Bojescul, MD;   Richard Massie, MD;   Ty Carter, MD;

John P. George, MD;   Michael Kleinpeter

Therefore, Burke Medical Center is indirectly owned by physicians through their investment interest in Burke Hospital Company.


Established in 1951, Burke Medical Center is a Joint Commission Accredited 40-bed general acute care hospital located in Waynesboro, Georgia.

With over 60 years of caring for our community, Burke Medical Center values our patients, medical staff, and employees.

Our Mission
Caring for Our Community
Our Values
Compassion, Quality, Teamwork, Clinical
Excellence & Fiscal Responsibility
Our Vision
To be the primary health care provider in our
service area.