Clinical Capabilities  Green Light for Admission    

IV Antibiotics       

Wound Care/Wound VAC/Debridement     

STAT Lab monitoring (in house)      

Colostomy Management      

Urostomy management/Suprapubic catheters/Foley catheters   

PEG/PEJ management       

Diagnostic X-ray/CT Scan/Echocardiogam/General & Vascular Ultrasound Diagnostic Testing (in house)

TPN management       

PICC Line/Mid-Line management      

PIV insertion       

PT/OT/ST services        

CPAP (patient owned)       

Oxygen up to 10 liters w/Venti Mask     


Nebulizer treatments       

Intermittent BIPAP       

Chest Tube management      

PleurX Drainage System      

S/P Cardiac, Colorectal, General, ENT, Vascular, Orthopedic, Neuro, Spinal Surgeries 

Surgical Drain management      

Hospice services       

Respite services       

Pacemaker management      

Hemodialysis  (transport cost not included & must be arranged prior to admission) 

IV Drips (non-vascoactive infusions) including Milrinone drips   

Tracheostomy (older than 30 days)     

Blood Transfusions       

Anticoagulation therapy management     

NG tube placement/management      

Require Conversation with Nursing Administration    

Oxygen delivery greater than 10 liters     

CPAP if patient does not have their own unit     

Oral Chemotherapy       

Cardiac Telemetry monitoring      

NOT Appropriate for Burke Medical Swing Bed    

Continuous BIPAP       

Arterial Lines       


Peritoneal Dialysis       

PCA/ CADD Pumps       

Behavioral Health (patients who are violent, suicidal/homicidal, needing restraints) 

IV Chemotherapy